10 Shocking Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Must Know-2019

10 Shocking Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Must Know-2019

As you know Facebook is one of the coolest and popular social media sites, comes with various Facebook tips and tricks.

I have a list of Facebook tips & tricks that you should try on your Facebook profile.

These Facebook tips & tricks which are below are evergreen.

And we will keep updating these Facebook tips & tricks post.

It has millions of users to date.

But Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t know how to navigate and make use of all the cool apps that Facebook offers.

What a waste! If you’re also one of these Facebook-newbies then you need not to worry anymore.

This article will help you to know everything about your Facebook profile which others don’t know.

These all are not Facebook secret tips but most of these are Facebook tips & tricks which many people don’t about.

Are you ready to have your Facebook profile be the subject of your friends’ jealousy?

You only have to follow these 10 simple Facebook tips and tricks and your Fb profile will become cool.

Facebook tricks & Tricks for Enhanced Facebook experience:

1. Appear Online Only to Selected Friends:

Facebook chat is one of the coolest and most useful feature on Facebook.

My difficulty, however, was how to limit the number of people I chat with every time I log in.

I certainly can’t accommodate them all but I don’t want them to feel like I’m avoiding them when I don’t reply to them.

I didn’t know that it is possible to appear online only to a few selected friends.

One day I was just testing all the features of Facebook and suddenly I found this idea and I’m sure you would also love it.

Let’s Check Out How To Do It: 

Go to Chat found at the lower right side of the page >click on the gear icon > click on advanced settings.

Then a window will pop-up, a field which says “Turn on chat for all friends, except..” start adding your friend’s name, for whom you don’t want to appear online.

And after doing this, you now appear completely invisible to them. Try it now.

10 Shocking Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Must Know-2019

2. Turn off Auto-play of Facebook Videos:

Facebook auto-plays videos whenever you are checking the timeline of your profile.

If you want to disable the auto-play of videos, do the following steps:

Go to Facebook Settings > VideosTurn off the autoplay of Facebook videos

10 Shocking Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Must Know-2019

And if you have slow internet speed then you can also change the default quality to SD from HD.

3. Cool Magic Circles on Facebook:

This is really simple and easy.

These cool magic circles appearing on your page is just one of the many secret tricks you’ll find on Facebook.

You should give it a try.

Like This: Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter key then press up & down.

If it doesn’t work on your first try then keep reloading your page by pressing F5 and repeat the process.

4. Create Fake Facebook wall updates:

Have you ever noticed those funny updates where you see popular persons/celebrities talking on various buzzing news?

If you not sure of what I’m talking about, take a quick look to below picture.

10 Shocking Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Must Know-2019

Do you also want to do the same thing?

Well, Yes you can do with the help of this free tool call The Wall Machine: The Funny Fake Facebook Walls.

Click here and watch the 1-minute video to understand how to use this tool.

5. Quickly Upload Photos from Picasa Application to Facebook:

It was a great challenge for me to find an alternative of photo hosting application.

An application that will really work to my liking.

Picasa happens to be it.

I find this application to be useful in sharing and organizing photos of various events like reunions and parties.

It has plenty of exciting features 1. ability to upload photos directly to your FB account.

Get to know what you need to do to download and install the latest version of Picasa.

Click here to download.

Once the installation is complete, click Picasa application here to install the plugin.

Next, add the new Facebook button to your Picasa.

6. Use Facebook search like a pro:

Have you experienced searching for someone on Facebook with difficulty?

If yes, then you might want to try using the Search Box.

This is a very powerful tool that can help you find your old friends, celebrities, organizations with no difficulty.

Go ahead and be like a pro – click here to learn how.

7. Facebook flip status updates:

Are you in the mood to have fun?

Try flipping your FB status upside down.

I’m sure your friends will be turning their heads too trying to read your message.

Ain’t that funny?

Go ahead and flip your Facebook status now. Click here.

8. Changing fonts on Facebook status:

I was saving the best for the last.

By default, your status update has only one font, but you can always use other services to change the font of your status.

Here is a cool website which you can use to change the font for your Facebook status.

I hope you liked my article.

So don’t forget to share.

And let me know by dropping a comment if you have any problem.

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