12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

I’m sure you came here for the WordPress plugins.

And I care about your time.

So, I will not waste your time by telling you about bad and non-working plugins.

Just stick on your seat and read this article completely.

Plugins, as you know, enlarge WordPress’s skills.

There are plenty of plugins available online but the biggest problem is choosing the right WordPress plugins for your website.

You may have many plugins on your website, but does your WordPress blog have the necessary plugins?

Let me tell you some plugins that will definitely improve your website’s user experience.

These actionable WordPress plugins are handy for every blogger on the WordPress platform.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Important: Some web hosting platforms have problems with certain plugins.

For example, W3 Total Cache is a very useful plugin, but it works really good with VPS hosting, and WP super cache works well with shared hosting.

So, without wasting more time, let’s know about at the actionable WordPress plugins for your blog.

1. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Having an SEO plugin is necessary for any WordPress blog to rank higher in all search engines.

This helps you to get free visitors/traffic from all search engines.

This plugin is a necessary for every WordPress blog.

I have never seen any other free SEO plugin which is so much powerful and effective.

With this plugin, you can cover all of your on-site and on-page SEO.

This plugin has a free & a pro version too.

2. WP Super Cache

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

If I say that your site can loads super fast. Isn’t it awesome? 

To ensure WordPress doesn’t crash your server, use a cache plugin.

There are many awesome WordPress cache plugins, but WP Super Cache is one of the top.

And it works super great on shared hosting!

Whenever the user opens your blog post, WordPress fetches that post from the WordPress database.

3. Jetpack

A multi-feature plugin, Jetpack is power-packed with several features.

People behind WordPress has developed this plugin and it is one of the most well-maintained WordPress plugins.

Some things you can do with the Jetpack WordPress plugin:

  • Create a contact form.
  • Track page views & search queries.
  • Get a notification when your site is down.
  • Prevent hackers from trying to log in your blog’s page.
  • Place social sharing buttons on blog posts.
  • Schedule your posts for auto-publicize on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Show related posts list to increase engagement & lower down bounce rate.
  • Provide a subscription form.
  • Create a sitemap.
  • Get daily backups of your blog using VaultPress
  • Get a free CDN with Photon.

There are many more things you can do with Jetpack.

Once you start using Jetpack, you will uninstall many other WordPress plugins to reduce the number of plugins used.

4. Akismet

Comment Spam is that you will face from day one.

When you start working on WordPress blog then you get some sweet lines in the comments then you should not get excited.

It is likely a spam comment. For example:

  • “I like your blog. You’ve got an awesome writing style.”
  • “Your writing style is brilliant and I have subscribed to your blog.”
  • “Wow! This is so informative blog!”

Check the URL of the comment then you will realize that it would be a spammy affiliate site.

Akismet is an official WordPress plugin which prevents your website from spam comments in WordPress.

It is the best plugin that you must install on any new blog.

Your blog will be spammed if you don’t use this plugin, .

The spammers only want to submit their links on your website.

They don’t want to join the discussion.

This plugin automatically moves those comments that it considers spam into the trash.

5. OneSignals

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

OneSignals is a unique and good plugin for driving more users/traffic to your blog.

It provides a way for your readers to subscribe to your blog.

It adds push notification technology, and readers who are using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers will get a notification to subscribe to your blog.

After that, whenever you publish a new blog post, your subscribers will get push notifications to remind them of a new post.

You can also send manual(whenever you want) push notifications to drive traffic to any specific blog post.

6. Social Snap

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

As you know, Social bookmarking has become a major part of ranking for SEO.

You must use it for getting more shares by placing your social sharing buttons in noticeable places of a blog.

When readers see these options at the right time while reading your article then the chances will increase to share your article.

Social Snap is the top social media sharing plugin.

You can add sharing buttons on both your desktop and mobile sites.

It supports all modern platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Pinterest (direct on the image)
  • Reddit … and many more

7. Contact Form 7

When you search for contact form plugins, you will be attacked with many options.

There are many premium onesbut Contact Form 7 is the simplest plugin to use and simple to function.

It’s also useful because it shows things like source- referred by a friend, by internet etc.

You can also customize it according to you.

You can create many forms with many tables.

Note: If you use the Jetpack plugin then you don’t need to use Contact form 7.

8. WordFence Plugin

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

There is no better time to secure your WordPress blog.

There are many WordPress plugins for security.

But, WordFence is one of the top plugins for security that can secure your blog from hackers.

The features of this plugin are amazing, but actually, this plugin ensures your blog doesn’t get hacked.

9. No Self Pings

I have seen many lists of useful WordPress plugins on the internet, and I’m surprised that no one has listed the No Self Pings plugin.

This simple plugin saves you from many of headaches.

When you link your post to any other post of your blog then it sends a pingback.

With this plugin, your blog will not send pingbacks from the blog itself.

10. Easy Affiliate Links

You can manage all your affiliate links with this free plugin of WordPress.

Easy Affiliate Links helps you to shorten a long looking URL.

It also helps to redirect your users/readers to your favourite affiliate programs.

For affiliate marketers, this plugin, along with SEO Smart Links, is very fantastic.

11. OptinMonster

12 Actionable Plugin For WordPress Blog & Business website:update 2019

A blog without an email list is of no use.

Well, OptinMonster will help you to capture emails.

This plugin gives many features such as A/B testing, geolocation targeting, conditional pop-ups and even email subscription forms for mobile sites.

12. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are dead for search engines and there is no use of broken links and bad for your website’s SEO.

This is a free plugin that scans your blog for broken links and let you to fix them.

This plugin will not send pings to your site when you publish a new post with links to your own posts.

I hope you like my article.

So don’t forget to share it.

And let me know which WordPress plugin did you like?

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