4 Backlink Strategy Changed in 2019: Read To Get High Google PR


4 Backlink Strategy Changed in 2019: Read To Get High Google PR

As you know backlink strategy is very important to make.

Most of the bloggers know that how to make a perfect backlink strategy.

But they don’t know that are about to enter in 2019.

So, their backlink strategy is definitely going to fail.

But you don’t worry because you are my reader.

I will teach you the new backlink strategy that is definitely going to work in 2019.

Recently Google updated page rank(PR) of all the websites and blogs too.

Each and every blogger wants to know about the factors which can improve their website’s page rank.

A very few of the factors are permalinks, keywords, SEO, quality content.

But there is one more factor that has a high impact on your website’s or blog’s Google ranking.

And the factor is backlinks of your blog.

Quality backlinks play a very important role to get High Page Rank.

But it is not easy to have quality backlinks in less time.

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You need to have a proper strategy and patience to get backlinks and getting good Google PR.

Here are some backlink strategies:

1. Think Quality not Quantity:

SEO strategies are all about quality.

Many bloggers fail in the link building process.

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Only because they always think about quantity and the of quality of backlinks.

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It is very important that you get 9 backlinks from PR4 or more than PR4 blogs rather than getting 101 backlinks from blogs with PR1 or PR2.

If you have a tech blog and you are getting backlink from dogs food or medical website.

That will never work and Google might think it as a paid link.

Google never count backlinks that you get from websites or any link building software.

And there are chances that probably Google will ban your website.

2. Go For The Same Niche:

I also made this mistake of getting backlinks from different niche blogs.

But after I came to know about my mistake then I stopped doing that.

I started commenting on the blog with Top commentator plugin in my niche, Forum postings and tripod link strategy, directory submission.

Google loves the backlinks from the same niche, it will surely result in good PR.

3. Know about Link Popularity:

When any blog is adding your website’s link through linkbacks, before linking back to that blog make sure that the blog is not an unethical or banned.

Check out the details about that blog and if you find the blog worthy then only backlink to it otherwise avoid it.

Very few bad linking from your blog can affect your blog’s popularity and will result in low Google PR.

4. Avoid Automatic Backlinking:

There are many software and online services which will promise you to build quality backlinks to your website.

But I would love to suggest you to never choose that methods to build backlinks for your blog.

We all love our blog or website.

Then why to get backlink through such software which may result in low Google Pagerank.

Always use straight and legit way for link building like sending Emails to a good blog, commenting on high PR blogs etc.

I hope you liked my article.

So don’t forget to share it.

And let me know by dropping a comment if you love this backlink strategy or you have any problem.

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