5 Actionable Link Building Strategies For New Bloggers-update

5 Actionable Link Building Strategies For New Bloggers-update

Link Building is so much important which helps your website to grow more and rank higher in search engines.

By doing the process of link building you get a lot of traffic to your website and your website popularity will grow faster.

Many bloggers have tried link building and me too.

In this article, I’ll tell you the top 5 link building tips for beginners.

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Here are 5 link building strategies for you:

1. Link Exchange:

This is the best method to exchange your website links with other bloggers website.

You can share your link with other bloggers with your website niche, and ask the person for link exchange.

This is very easy, and its free, you can do it easily to do link building.

You only have to ask politely to the other blogger in your website niche to create a reciprocal link with your blog.

But make sure you don’t do the link exchange with unrelated sites & ensure you are linking to the high-quality website.

Even if the other person asks you to link to any page/post, then make sure that page/post is of high-quality.

A good idea is to check the domain authority of site before you take a step to get the link.

Though this type of link building is valued for those who understand SEO better, else it might fail due to Google Penguin update.

2. Buying links from popular sites:

This might be hard for a new blogger.

But still, it brings you traffic to your site.

You just have to contact the person of a popular blog and advertise your link through banner or a direct link on his site.

If you buy links for your site, then make it look simple and natural, otherwise, Google may penalize you.

3. Guest posting:

It is another best way to get links to your site.

If you are a good writer or publisher.

Then write a unique post on a topic and publish it on a popular site.

If you post approved then you’ll get a huge amount of traffic, which you wouldn’t have imagined.

Guest posting always works nice and easy.

4. Forum posting:

If you are about to use this method to get links to your site through forums then here is the best list of Dofollow forums.

You can enter your link as the and every comment you make inside the forum will get you a backlink.

5. Article Marketing:

This method will help you to get a single-way backlink(without a reciprocal link) to your site.

And your website will get a good ranking in search engines.

If you are very good at producing informative and unique articles then this may be the best way to get backlinks to your site.

I hope you liked my article.

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And let me know by dropping a comment if I have missed any strategy or you have any problem.

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