5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

SEO for every blogger is very important and I will tell you 5 SEO chrome extensions.

I have been a greedy user of Chrome for a long time.

As a lightweight and fast browser, I believe this a very good choice for people wanting an alternative to Firefox.

If you use Chrome then you probably find this list of SEO extension useful.

With this list of extensions,  you can install the extension and analyze the SEO value of your site.

This is very helpful, especially when you want to check your (or another website’s) ranking.

To maintain your domain authority, you must check the rank of a website you are linking to.

This will assure that you are not linking to any bad website.

Google chrome is very good for SEO purpose.

Many bloggers hesitate to switch from Firefox to Chrome as they are comfortable with the extensions of Firefox.

But Chrome also has amazing SEO extensions.

List of 5 best SEO plugins for Chrome:

1. Open SEO Stats

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

This Chrome SEO extension is very powerful, detailed, and well-maintained.

It will help you to get SEO data from any website.

This plugin gives some good data like social media stats about that website and in-depth SEO data like the number of backlinks.

2. SEO for Chrome

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

SEO for Chrome is a great plugin.

It has some good details like the no. of indexed pages, backlink details, traffic and ranking reports.

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This plugin gives us a look at site stats with overall SEO.

3. SeoQuake

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

SEMRUSH is one of the top names in the SEO industry & no Chrome SEO extension list would be complete without SEOQuake Chrome.

It is one of the good extension which let you get all important features of SEO.

SEOQuake comes with many configurable options.

It works with and without SEMRUSH also.

However, if you have a SEMRUSH account, you can use it to get more data from your website.

SEO Quake will give you amazing SEO stats from your search results.

You can find on page SEO, backlinks, social media share of any website.

I will start liking it personally if this extension also starts showing the social media stats for individual posts.

This will help you in finding blog posts which get lots of social media shares.

Even without this function, it’s still a great plugin which gives you a overview of the sites.

4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

If you are an SEO freak, you can’t deny the importance of social media in search engine ranking.

Shareaholic is not directly an SEO chrome extension, but this is very useful for every blogger to increase their website rank.

This SEO Chrome extension makes it easier for you to share your article on many social networking sites all at once.

In short, this SEO chrome extension will make your workload quick and easy.

Being bloggers/SEO lover, we share our content on Twitter, Facebook etc. to bookmark many things.

If you want a one-stop solution for your bookmarking and sharing needs, then “Shareaholic” is a perfect chrome plugin for you.

You can customize your Shareaholic drop down box as you want.

If you love Facebook then keep it up at the top.

You can choose100+ bookmarking options from the list.

5. Majestic Chrome extension

5 Actionable SEO Chrome Extension for bloggers-update

Majestic is a well-known name in the SEO industry.

They are known for checking backlinks and with Majestic chrome extension, you can check backlinks of any website with the single click.

Note: Majestic is a paid service so if you need to check links for websites quickly, then you should get this popular chrome SEO addon.

You can get all these SEO addons on the chrome web store.

I hope you liked my article.

So don’t forget to share.

And let me know by dropping a comment if I have missed any SEO chrome extension or you have any query.

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