5 Actionable Tips & Tricks: Link Building For Seo-update

5 Actionable Tips & Tricks: Link Building For Seo-update

Hmm….today’s topic is very interesting and important too.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

You might know and that is “Link Building“.

So today I will tell you about Link Building and how important is that for your website.

Link Building is very important for bloggers and it is an important part of SEO also.

So, without wasting time let’s dive into it:

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Here are the 5 Actionable Tips & Tricks:


Okay let’s see the 1st tip:

1. RELEVANCY:(Link Building)

Relevancy is a very important part to think about while trying to build backlinks for your website.

In fact, building quality links from other niches/topic websites can help you increase your website authority.

But building links from relevant/same niche websites manage to help you easily rank better.

As it tells the google and other search engines that you are in the same category with the other website.

There is a 1 important thing that many users are not aware of.

Whenever any reputed website mentions your website name in his post but doesn’t add a link.

Then it can be mentioned as a good backlink.

And this is known citation links.

2. ANCHOR TEXT:(Link Building)

If you use anchor text then it will be very easy in achieving High Search engine rankings.

If you got the good amount of backlinks using the anchor text then you can easily rank for a keyword.

Do as much as possible to use variation in anchor text while link building to your website.

This is important because it makes the trust about you and your site for google or any search engine.

By doing this your site will not look like a spam to google or any search engine.

3. DEEP LINKING:(Link Building)

It is important to use deep linking to internal pages or posts of your website using the wanted keyword which you want.

Many bloggers use link building practice to homepage only.

And according to me that practice for link building is not good.

According to me, you should use this link building practice to the internal posts also.

Using this link building practice to the internal posts will increase your website rankings in google or any search engines quickly and easily.

Deep linking also helps to rank a very old page or post of your website in google.

And if you ask me.

Then I will recommend you to use minimum of 2-10 links to every page or post of your website.

And the inner pages and posts of your website will start to rank for various long tail keywords.

4. AUTHORITY:(Link Building)

The page or domain authority of the website or page linking to your website is also important in reaching top search engine rankings.

Getting links from low-quality websites is not of any work.

According to me-

You should not try to do link building from low-quality websites.

And you should do the process of link building only from high and medium quality website.

Your focus must be to build links from well-known websites in your niche.

And you must try to build links from educational(.edu),(.org), government (.gov) and military sites.

5. CONSISTENCY:(Link Building)

The regularity of the links you gain to your website is also very important.

It wouldn’t be good that you build 100 links on day 1 and then change it to 1-2 links on the 2nd day.

Neither will it also be good to build 10 links on day 1 and 100 links on day 2.

So try to build links with regularly.

Try as much as possible to make sure all your links are of the same number each day.

And if you want to increase the number of building links then do it in a gradual process.

After trying all the process which are mentioned above then you will see a quick increase in your search engine rankings.

I hope you liked my article.

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So, let me know about your trick of link building for your website by commenting.

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