7 Actionable Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for your blog-update


7 Actionable Ways to Get Quality Backlink for your blog-updateI’m sure you must be facing this problem which I’m going to tell.

That is “how to get quality backlinks”.

Well, I also faced this problem and this always happens with a new blogger in his initial days.

And let me tell you that quality matters more than the quantity.

For Ex.  1000 PR1 backlinks is equal to just 4-5 Pr4 backlinks.

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Therefore, I will tell and show you six useful ways to build quality backlinks for your blog and 1 tip (Bonus).

1. Infographic:

A good-quality Infographic is the best way to get a quality-backlinks.

This technique works for not so popular niche.

What you need to do is a high quality, attractive &  informative Infographic.

You can create an infographic by yourself or by another person.

If you have a designer then ask him to create it for you or you can go to any freelancing sites.

Once your Infographic is ready then you are all set….!

Then you just need to reach out to bloggers who would like to publish your infographic on their blog.

They will mention you in the source and by that, you will get quality backlinks.

2. Comment on blogs using Top Commentator Plugin

This is one of the easiest and simple way to build quality backlinks.

Many bloggers highlight their top commentator in the sidebar.

If you succeed to come in the top commentators list then you will receive one backlink from each page of that blog.

That means lots of easy backlinks.

And you can also look a blogger who placed recent commentator widget and will give a link back to the recent commentator.

3. Hold contests on your blog

This is an effective way to spread your name as well as Build quality backlinks for your blog.

Start a contest in which the participants have to share your blog post to be eligible for winning or they have to subscribe to your newsletter to participate.

And the prize can be anything like -a Pen drive or an Hard-Disk or even cash.

You can also request products maker in your niche and ask them to sponsor your contest.

This may be in the form of some cash prize.

4. Write amazingly informative posts

It is like killing multiple people with just one bullet.

Write researched and highly informative posts is a great way to attract visitors and as well as forces other bloggers to link to it and then you will get quality backlinks.

And you should also take advantage of social media to promote your post and let your quality post spread around the web.

5. Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to popularize your brand as well as gain quality backlinks.

Start a guest posting process and start writing for other blogs, which are popular in your niche.

And by doing this you will get quality backlinks and also visitors.

6. Participate in webmaster forums

Register yourself at multiple webmaster forums like V7n etc.thus, and regularly take part in discussions.

Once you have built up a good reputation, put a link to your blog thus, the more posts you make the more links you get.

But, never spam in these forums because this will lead to 2 things:

  1. You will lose all your links.
  2. You will lose your reputation.

Thus it is better to go for a cleaner and safe way.

7. Matt Cutt has Vibes on link building


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