Nofollow Link Tag( Add To A Link For SEO)-update

Well, Nofollow link and do follow link are known by everyone.

And if you don’t know about them then you are reading a perfect and exact article.

But today in this article I’ll tell you about the Nofollow link(how to use it, when to use it and why to use it).

Note: So, there is 1 thing to keep in your mind that a lot of dofollow links in any article are bad.

But somewhere dofollow links are very good to improve your website’s trust in Google.

Now, let’s get to know  about Nofollow links:

Here we go:

Nofollow Link Tag( Add To A Link For SEO)-update

Why you should add Nofollow link tag to links:

The basic rules of SEO is paying more importance to important posts by keeping using Dofollow and keeping other links as Nofollow.

Now, there is 1 most basic question is:

What is Dofollow?

These are the links which we want Google to follow from our page.

But Nofollow links are those links that we don’t want Google robots to follow.

Usually, whenever we have to link to any bad or nom-trusted domain, we use the Nofollow link.

In WordPress blog or Blogspot blog they automatically ads dofollow link whenever you add any link.

Now, when we link to any site and if we don’t want to pass the link juice then we use the Nofollow link.

Moreover, when you link to any affiliate product or any spam site for any reason then don’t forget to use Nofollow link.

Though some time back Google defined that it has started ignoring Nofollow tags, but still, SEO masters believe that it is good.

For the info, many search engine robots started following Nofollow links.

But they don’t use such links for ranking.

But How To add Nofollow Link tag to links:

When you see any link, it will look like this by default:


To change it into a Nofollow link, simply add an Nofollow link to the link:

If you write in WordPress or Blogger, you can go to Edit HTML mode and add rel=” nofollow” in front of links to make it nofollow.

WordPress Plugin To Add No-Follow Link Tag

You can find a plugin for everything in WordPress this is a good thing in WordPress.

There are some plugins which will make all of your external links no-follow, but I dislike that.

The Ultimate Nofollow WordPress plugin is an easy plugin for bloggers.

By using it you can quickly add Nofollow link tag to any link from the WordPress post editor.

And with that, this plugin will help you to add Nofollow link to all links in the comments.

To use this plugin:

You have to do is download the ultimate Nofollow WordPress plugin.

And after activating, it will add a Nofollow option box in the WordPress post editor.

Here’s how it looks like:

Nofollow Link Tag( Add To A Link For SEO)-update

To Make Your Comment Links Nofollow:

Settings > Nofollow > uncheck the option.

If you are looking for a quick option to add the Nofollow link to any link in WordPress then this plugin is best.

Usually, to maintain the link juice of our website, we should keep our blog comments and external ad links as Nofollow link.

You can use any plugin to keep comments and ads link as Nofollow link.

Usually, links in the comment section in WordPress are Nofollow link as by default.

For internal links, I would suggest you to keep them as Dofollow and also open in a new tab for users experience.

If you keep your internal link as do-follow then it will help search engine robots to crawl more pages of your website.

If you have many outbound link on a single page.

Then, I will suggest you to keep those links as Nofollow that doesn’t add value to the search engine.

So that you will not pass your website’s link juice to all of the links of other websites especially your ads links and affiliate links.

It is the same thing as I have implemented them in my last blog post – The list of dofollow forum to increase your backlinks.

So, I hope you liked my article.

Then, don’t forget to share and comment.

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