Overcome Writer’s Block In 24 Hours By Applying These Secret 14 Tips

“Writer’s Block is a natural thing that happens with every writer at any time”.

Overcome Writer’s Block In 24 Hours By Applying These Secret 14 Tips

Wait!! Wait!!….

So, are you in the writer’s block right now?

If you in writer’s block then find a solution quickly.

Before we talk about its solution, let’s understand about the problem.

Common causes of writer’s block

The reasons for your block may be different, but these are the common reasons:

Timing: As you know it’s simply not the right time to write. Your ideas might need to cook a little longer before writing them.

Fear: Many writers are afraid to put their ideas on the web for everyone to see and critique. Fear is one of the major reason due to that some writers never become writers.

Perfectionism: You want everything to be great and perfect before starting anything.  And just keep thinking and waiting for the best and with that, you never start.

So how do we overcome this enemy?

It’s a really tough question to answer, but I have an awesome solution.

I’ve fought with writer’s block on many occasions, and each success looked different.

That’s the cool thing about writing: it’s an art, not science or maths.

So, begin trying stuff. Sometimes, the quirkier, the better.

Creative solutions to writer’s block

Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Ditch distractions (You can use Ommwriter to focus on just writing).
  • Do something to get your blood flowing. (I like yoga.)
  • Play
  • Change your environment.
  • Read some interesting books.
  • Freewrite.
  • Listen to your favourite music.
  • Spend time with that person who makes you laugh.
  • Talk to an old friend.
  • Read some motivational quotes to get some inspiration.

Once you start heading in your career direction, it’s easier to pick up speed.

Overcome Writer’s Block In 24 Hours By Applying These Secret 14 Tips

How to not overcome writer’s block

  • You can’t overcome writer’s block by denying to write until you feel “inspired.”
  • Can’t overcome writer’s block by making excuses.
  • Try not to overcome writer’s block by watching TV.

The fail-proof solution

If you’re still not satisfied, you have one last hope, an ace up your sleeve.

Start somewhere, anywhere.

Write some lines. Say something and see what happens.

Don’t think too much.

Just write.

It doesn’t need to be presentable; it just needs to be written..

Write for the enjoyment.

You can do it..

Don’t say anything; just get some words on paper, now.

No excuses.

You can write. Don’t make it a harder thing.

Type a few words.

They don’t have to be good.

It has to be written.

The difference between professional writers and beginners is this: Both encounter blocks, but one pushes through while the other gets shot to death.

You can do this.

Just start writing.

(One caution: This technique only works if you’re truly blocked and not “empty,” which is an entirely different matter altogether.)

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