WordPress Robots.txt File: Learn with Unique and Easy method- updated

WordPress Robots.txt File: Learn with Unique and Easy method- updated

You must be thinking about Robots.txt file….

What is Robots.txt file?????

Use of Robots.txt file in a website?

I was suffering from this problem too, before some time and I was so confused about it.

No one told me about it.

So, I decided to find it myself, I thought everyone is selfish and no one will tell me about it.

And after long hard work and research finally, I came to know about it.

And with it, I also understood how I could skyrocket my website’s traffic just by optimizing the robots.txt file.

So, you don’t have to roam here and there in search of it in WordPress because I will help you.

I will tell you everything about it in this article.

So, Let’s face it:

Use of Robots.txt file

Let’s start with the basic. Every search engine has their own bots(robots).

Ex-When you submit any link or sitemap of your site then bots will come to your website to crawl and then they index your website.

Now, there are 2 files- sitemap.xml and robots.txt. They have a fixed home on your website.

As I mentioned above bots will follow the robots.txt rules to define the crawling of your site.

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Here’s the usage of robots.txt file:

When bots come on your site, they have limited stocks to crawl your site.

If they can’t crawl all the posts and pages of your website with designated resources, then they will not crawl and it will result in hamper your site’s indexing.

Now, there will be many pages or posts which you don’t want that bots will crawl.

Ex- Your website’s admin dashboard, WP-admin folder and many other pages or posts, which you think that I don’t want that bots crawl it.

So, that’s why you use it, to prevent your personal pages or posts which you don’t want that bots crawl it.

Using it you direct the bots to crawl those pages which you want to get crawled.

The biggest mistake of people about it is that they use it for no-indexing.

Note- You must know that robots.txt file is not used for Indexing or No-indexing.

You must use it to stop crawling of the private pages of your website.

By using this, you are saying to bots that crawl these pages of my website.

How to check your Robots.txt file

As I mentioned that robots.txt file has a permanent home at your website.

By using 2 methods you can check your robots.txt file.

Here is the 1st method

Type www.example.com/robots.txt.

But in many cases (mostly on the WordPress websites), you will come to see a blank robots.txt file.

Here is the 2nd method-

Visit- Google search console>Crawl>Robots.txt tester.

To avoid copying content your website’s structure of robots.txt file should be like this:

WordPress Robots.txt File: Learn with Unique and Easy method- updated

But 1 more thing to keep in mind: Robots.txt file only stops the crawling of bots but it doesn't stop the indexing. Google uses Noindexing tag to stop the indexing of any page of your website. Click To TweetYou can use SEO by Yoast to add no-index tag in any page or post.

For best results:

I recommend you to add your categories, tags and pages as no-index but dofollow.

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  • Robots.txt file is only used to stop the bots to crawl some pages of your website.
  • Robots.txt file should not be used for no-indexing. Noindex meta tag should be used.

Note: If you ever try to de-index(already indexed) any part of your website don’t use the robots.txt to block the access to that part.

This will prevent bots from crawling to that page of your website and see the updated Noindex tag.

Let us know if you use a Robots.txt file with your WordPress website.

If you have any questions regarding Robots.txt files, plz let us know.

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